OEMGenuineTurbo Mitsubishi 49189-02721 TD04HL4-11TK3 S4S 3149972

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  • Item #: 003-0031-1
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi (MHI)
  • Condition: New
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Item Name
OEM GENUINE Turbocharger Mitsubishi 49189-02720 TD04HL4-11TK3S / KUBOTA CAT S4S

Mitsubishi P/N
49189-02720 / 49189-02721 / TD04HL4-11TK3S-7.0

CAT Construction 314-9972 / 3149972 S4S Engine

Bearing Type
Journal Bearing

Cooling Type

Product Situation
Brand New In Box.

Kit Includes
1 x Turbocharger

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