MAMBA 11-10 4" A/R.70 GTW3884R T04Z Ball Bearing Turbo SuperCore
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MAMBA 11-10 4" A/R.70 GTW3884R T04Z Ball Bearing Turbo SuperCore

Price: $1,129.00
  • Item #: 038-0651
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Condition: New
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Item Name

MAMBA 11-10 4” A/R .70 GTW3884R T04Z Ball Bearing Turbo Supercore 67.3/84.4mm (CHRA + Cover)


Brand New In Box


Comp. Wheel : 67.27 mm / 84.4 mm / Trim 64 (10+0  Billet Wheel with Extended Tip)

Turbine Wheel: 64.3 mm / 74.2 mm / Trim 76 (11 Blade Turbine Wheel)

Compressor Housing Inlet OD: 4” / 101.6 mm

Compressor Housing Outlet OD: 2.5” / 63.5 mm

Compressor Housing A/R: .70


Replace all MAMBA / Garrett GTW3884R T04Z Ball Bearing Turbo with 64.3/74.2 mm Turbine Wheel

With Turbo P/N: 841691-5003S, 841691-5004S, 841691-5005S.

Fit Garrett GTW3884 Journal Bearing Turbo with Turbo # 841297-5003S, 841297-5004S, 841297-5005S.

Support HP: 550~950HP

Displacement: 2.0~6.0L

Bearing system

NTN Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing

Cooling System

Oil and Water-Cooled

Kit Includes

1 x GTW3884R CHRA with 4” A/R.70 Cover.

1 x 4AN adapter fitting kit with 1.0mm restrictor for Ball Bearing Turbo Oil Feed Side.

2 x 6AN Adapter fitting with Copper Washer

1 x 3/4” Barb Oil Return Flange with Gasket and Bolt.

Everything shown on picture is included.

Made By



6 Months Repair Labor & Part.

User needs to send it back to MAMBA.


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