Heavy Duty TD04HL-15T-8.5 Turbo For CAT S4K 49189-04721 +20% AF
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Heavy Duty TD04HL-15T-8.5 Turbo For CAT S4K 49189-04721 +20% AF

Price: $709.00
  • Item #: 001-2529
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Condition: New
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Item Name

MAMBA 9-6 Mitsubishi CAT S4K 49189-04780 TD04HL-15T-8.5 Heavy Duty Upgrade Turbocharger (+20% Air Flow)



Brand New in Box.

Complete CHRA are all balanced by Schenck MBRS 110.

Ready to work.


Replace and upgrade CAT S4K engine with Mitsubishi TD04HL-13TK3-11 Turbo with P/N: 49189-04721, 49189-04770, 49189-04780, 49189-04790, 49189-04850 to TD04HL-15T-8.5 one that will make engine spool faster and supply more torque and HP.

Mitsubishi CAT Construction with S4K engine.

Wheel Size

Compressor wheel : 41.9/55.7 (6+6 TD04HL-15T High Flow Billet Wheel)

Turbine wheel : 45.6/52 (9 Blade TD04HL High Flow Turbine Wheel)

Compressor Housing

Cover Inlet: 60mm/2.35”

Cover Outlet: 50mm / 2”

Turbine Housing

A/R: 8.5cm

Inlet Flange: T25

Outlet Flange: 3 Bolt

Bearing System

Journal Bearing

Heavy Duty thrust bearing kit with dual oil hole, big thrust collar and spacer.

Cooling System


Kit Includes

1 x MAMBA Heavy Duty TD04HL-15T-8.5 Turbocharger

1 x SUS301 T25 turbine inlet gasket

1 x SUS301 3 Bolt turbine outlet gasket

2 x 10mm copper washer

1 x Oil return gasket

3 x M10x1.25 Stud Kit

Everything shown on first picture is included.

Made By



12 Months Parts & Labor

Super core or even a complete turbo needs to be sent back to MAMBA for inspection and repairing job.


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