97~10-6ANx1/4NPSM 4L80E GM Transmission Oil Cooler 90 Deg Banjo
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97~10-6ANx1/4NPSM 4L80E GM Transmission Oil Cooler 90 Deg Banjo

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MAMBA SS304 Banjo Bolt Kit 6AN x 1/4NPS 4L80E GM Transmission Oil  Cooler 90 Degree



Brand New


This auction is for one pair of -6 GM 4L80E transmission cooler  banjo fittings.

People have been asking us to make  some low profile fittings for the 4L80E so here they are.  These  banjo fittings are under 1 inch tall.  The CNC banjo adapter is  steel with Cr plated. Bolt is CNC SS304 stainless Steel and Come  with copper washers. 

-6 x 1/4NPS is the correct thread  size for the GM 4L80E transmissions. These fittings fit 1997 to Mid  2010 cases.   It is always best to remove the factory adapters and  measure the outside diameter of the threads.  They should be  0.521". 

In 1997 GM moved one of the cooler  lines to the back of the transmission.  The front adapter is short  and the rear is the longer one with the tube.  This is very crucial  to the cooling circuit of the transmission.  So at the request of a  fellow e bayer we ran a batch.  If you have a pre '97 unit the other  GM transmission fittings in our store are what you need.  

Kit Includes

2 x 14mm to 6AN Steel Banjo Adapter with Cr coated.

1 x 29mm 1/4NPS SS304 Stainless Steel Banjo Bolt

1 x 48.5mm 1/4NPS SS304 Stainless Steel Banjo Bolt

4 x 14mm Copper Washer

Everything shown on first picture is included.

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